Respiratory Physiotherapy is a specialized service in the management of problems associated with lung conditions such as breathlessness, difficulty clearing sputum and reduced exercise tolerance. It is primarily concerned with developing, maintaining and restoring an individual’s maximum movement and functional ability.

The aims of Respiratory Physiotherapy is:

  • to optimize Quality of Life
  • minimize deterioration
  • enable maximum functional ability (ie carrying out daily activities
  • improve knowledge and understanding of your respiratory condition
  • to promote self management
  • maintain or improve exercise tolerance
  • maintain and improve physical activity, coaching patients toward improving healthy behaviour
  • reduce breathlessness and the work of breathing
  • improve the efficiency of ventilation
  • mobilise and aid the expectoration of secretions (coughing up of mucus)
  • reduce (thoracic) pain

Physiotherapy can help to play a major role in the rehabilitation of individuals who are suffering from a variety of respiratory problems. Here at Respiratory Physiotherapy Ireland, our respiratory services can be used at all ages and at all stages of disease, from early diagnosis, through chronic illness, to acute episodes and care at the terminal stage.

Common Respiratory Conditions that we treat at Respiratory Physiotherapy Ireland include:   


Our physiotherapists at Respiratory Physiotherapy Ireland will be able to provide you with expert advice to help you deal with your respiratory problem.